Sports Injuries

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All sports are physically demanding from training to competing. During such demanding activities wear and tear is inevitable and injuries are going to occur. A handful of these injuries are traumatic in nature such as fractures, tear, and concussions. However, the vast majority of injuries are biomechanical in nature. Through all of the wear and tear and overuse that occurs in sports misalignments develop which create biomechanical flaws in the body. Flawed biomechanics leads to compensation patterns which reduce performance, increase the risk of injury, and can create pain patterns. By correcting these flaws chiropractic care can increase overall performance, reduce the risk of injury, and reduce pain. This not only helps you return to play sooner, but keeps you competing longer and at a higher level.

Dr. Robb has a masters degree in Sports Injury Management making him uniquely qualified to not only address any and all sports injuries, but also understand the demands of athletics on the body. He can use this knowledge to better identify and correct biomechanical flaws associated with individual sports.