Welcome to Active Lifestyle Chiropractic

For your first visit, please bring your photo ID, your insurance card, and any other relevant insurance information. For your convenience, you may fill out this form prior to your visit and bring it with you to our office.

Click here to download the Patient General Information Questionnaire

During your first appointment, Dr. Robb will gather general medical history as well as the history of the problem(s) you are being seen for and any associated symptoms.  He will then do a physical exam to identify any conditions that are causing the symptoms you are experiencing.  He will explain in detail the problems and conditions he has identified and give you an approximate time frame needed to correct the conditions.  Most of the time new patients are adjusted on the first visit, but there are circumstances in which some patients are not able to be adjusted on the first visit.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks for payment.  Active Lifestyle Chiropractic is also an In-Network, Participating Provider for most insurance plans.  If you want to know the chiropractic benefits associated with your insurance plan before your appointment, you can call us with your insurance information and we will look it up for you.