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Children lead a rough and tumble lifestyle. Children are constantly challenging their developing bodies while falling, rough-housing, jumping, stumbling, and bumbling through life. This begins with childbirth and continues all the way through adolescence. During this time of rapid growth and development any insult or injury that occurs to a child's body may be compounded later in life. The body will grow and develop around any issue or injury left uncorrected. Much like a tree's branches growing around a treehouse or through a fence. As the body grows around this issue it naturally creates a "weak spot" which may be a site of routine injuries and pain later in life. Routine chiropractic adjustments help a child's body develop in the most optimal way. The adjustment performed matches the age and maturity of the child. Children are adjusted differently and more gently than adults. The adjustments often produce a “tickle” sensation to a child.

At Active Lifestyle we don’t claim to treat any specific ailments or illnesses of children, such as ear infections, colic, asthma, etc. We are focused on finding and correcting misalignments that occur in their developing bodies. Sometimes the resolution of certain ailments or illnesses is a byproduct of correcting the vertebral subluxations, but we don’t treat these conditions specifically.